After over 11 years and helping thousands of people find employment, TLSS is officially closing its doors on April 1st, 2020. (no this is not an April Fools day joke) Gayla and I always tried to treat everyone like they were family and took great pride in the manner in which we ran our company. It was also very important for us to not forget about our local community. No matter how busy we were, we tried our best to support other local businesses in our community. In return, we met many great people. Many are true friends to this very day.

A simple thank you does not come close to the gratitude we both have for the trust and support given to us by everyone through this wonderful adventure as business owners.



Please contact us at prevost04@msn.com if you have questions or need any assistance.

          * All other emails and phone numbers are no longer active.


Thank you

Nate & Gayla